Hello 2019!

It has almost been 3 years since my last blog entry, and I must say I wouldn’t hold my breath that another blog entry will come again for another 3 years. I have a moment to sit and gather my thoughts, so here I am, sitting and attempting to gather my thoughts though my brain is a scrambled mess from the day. I have unanswered emails, at least 10 new voicemails (some may be my mom) on my phone and several text messages that I need to reply to. Trying to keep it all in line, and stay on top of things while making sure I give my family enough of me is exhausting. I am thankful to the people who work with me on their special days that they are some of the kindest and most understanding folks out there. They understand that family is #1 and I am never ignoring you. I am doing my best to give you my best and sometimes that takes time.

During these off months I do not spend much time holding a camera. My children do not get photographed as much and as a family we are certainly not photographed together. I am going to try to change that this year. Max just turned 1 and her first month of her 2nd year has already flown by, Peter will be 5 this year and off to Kindergarten in the fall. I am going to try to resolve to document our lives more throughly because even the photographer and their family deserves a good picture.

Here is from today’s snow day. Peter playing with his preschool friend and her little sister in our neighbors backyard.

Bad Blogger

Well, her eI am writing a blog post. It seems that I haven't done so since January of this year. Wows, that is a long time! I am a real slacker when it comes to blogging my weddings, or sessions, or even just keeping everyone up to date on the goings on of Laura Elizabeth Photography, aka, me. I am just a poor writer, that has nothing all that exciting to write about coupled with the fact that I have just had my hands full with, ya know, life! I promise (pinky promise) I will try to be better at this. 

Here is the low down on how my life has been as of late. Nick, Peter and I (along with a cat and dog) moved back into our own home again at the beginning of July. We have been out of this house since January of 2014. Peter had never known this house at home, and this is the third place he has lived in his short little 2 year lifespan. Before we moved back in, we were living with my mom at her beautiful farm in Valley Lee. We were supposed to be there until our renters left at the end of June, but as always, life happens, and my mom sold her farm and moved up to Vermont 3 months before we could move back into our house. What do we do? We move in with my Dad! Within a week of living with my Dad, Peter broke his leg (DON'T GO DOWN SLIDES WITH YOUR KID ON YOUR LAP!) and we had a month of solid rain. Great start, right? Things got better, I promise! We enjoyed the extra time we got to spend with my Dad and step mom and Peter became very attached to seeing his Pop Pop and Mom Mom everyday. After 5 weeks in a cast and splint he was free, and about 2 weeks after that he was walking again, almost with no limp. 

                                                                         So after all this excitement, we are home! Doing repairs, gardening and settling in as best we can. We still have boxes stacked in my office, but it is mostly things we don't want to put away or mess with until we get around to painting, which I hope to do when wedding season settles down a bit/no one is sick. 

I am happy to be back. and finally have my own space to work in. I hope to get more into a routine and set some goals for myself and my business to further your client experience. Looking forward to all the adventures and fun ahead!


By the way, Lindsay from Lulu Edward Photography snapped all of these for me. Isn't she awesome?



Debbie + Billy's Piney Point Engagement Session

To say I am a little behind in things lately is a vast understatement, I am completely behind. I APOLOGIZE to everyone! I am finally getting around to posting BLOG entries from the weddings and sessions from this summer and fall. 

May I present, Debbie  and Billy's golden hour engagement session at Piney Point Lighthouse and Tall Timbers Marina. The light was beautiful, and the couple was incredibly fun loving. 

Meagan + Patrick's White Sands Wedding

The day started out in an the over the top villa of the late Vera of White Sands, Maryland. With her eccentric style she decorated her house with ornate furniture, bold patterns and bright and neutral wall colors. When you first enter the residence you are greeted by an indoor pool! The setting was a fabulous one for a bride and her bridal party to get ready in. The bride, her friends and family were buzzing with excitement. 

Our Lady Star of the Sea is a bright, beautiful and modern church. The look on Patrick's face as he saw his beautiful bride walk down the aisle was priceless. After the ceremony the couple and their wedding party was whisked away for a relaxing boat ride up the Patuxent River back to White Sands. 

The reception was held on the beach of Vera's White Sands, and boy was it a fun party. The wedding guests could enjoy summertime drinks and relax on the adirondack chairs on the beach and afterwards move into the tent for dance party. 

The wedding ended with the joyful couple releasing lanterns into the night sky with the help of their parents. This wedding was one to remember!

Ebick + Chris' Jefferson Patterson Park Wedding

My last wedding of the summer, and my what a wedding to send me off with! Eric and Chris' wedding was beautiful! I was completely smitten with the little rosebud crowns the bridesmaids wore, the almost fairylike handmade dresses the flower girls wore and of course, the gorgeous bride. Every detail was thoughtful, right down to the vintage table settings. 

I had never been to Jefferson Patterson Park, and I think I get why everyone loves going there, it is lovely. With impressive views of the water, large hills, and plenty of green, everywhere you look there is scenery. Posing the happy couple and their bridal party by the large trees filled with green just seemed to suit Ebick and her beau's day perfectly.  

Christie + Scott's Olde Breton Inn Wedding

While I watched and photographed Christie and her bridesmaids getting ready for the big day I was in awe of the radiant glow that Christie had about her. I know she was just over the moon excited to marry her very sweet fiancee, Scott, and it showed.  

Christie and Scott's wedding was filled with dreamy details, and lots of fun dancing. The party was definitely a memorable one! Their wedding was truly a celebration among their friends and family. Everyone shared in the joy of the two of them being in love and together. 

Tara + Laura's St. Mary's College of Maryland Wedding

Tara and Laura's Southern Maryland wedding was definitely one for the books! It was filled with gorgeous details that were curated by the brides, their family and the creative talent behind Canards Catering, Lisa Kelley. The romantic details and touches throughout the service and reception, my favorites being the cocktail hour underneath the large gorgeous trees by the Garden of Rememberance. As you sipped your drink, and nibbled on some of the delicious offerings of cheese, crackers and a variety of spreads you could chat it up with the sweet couple, while taking in the dynamic view of the St. Mary's River laid out in front of you. 

Tara and Laura are such a sweet couple, and it is clear they are very much in love with one another. The pair could be caught throughout the wedding giggling with one another, and just enjoying one another in the moment of their big day. 

Kate + Steve's Maryland Zoo Wedding

When Kate first spoke to me about photographing her wedding she asked me if I was conformable with penguins and I replied "OF COURSE". I have been looking forward to this wedding for over a year and it definitely did not disappoint. I had never been to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, I was overwhelmed with the Mansion's beauty and glamour and in awe of the abandoned part of the zoo that is reserved for photographs. Every space was picturesque, and the mansion had windows that surrounded it filling the wedding with the most perfect light. The wedding itself was beautiful and touching and the couple are clearly surrounded with so much love and support from their friends and family. 

Rebecca + Dakim's St. Mary's College of Maryland Wedding

Let me start off this blog by saying that Rebecca, Dakim and their twins are absolutely the sweetest. Their day couldn't have been more perfect. Everyone was fearful of rain, and I heard in other parts of the county it actually did rain, but in St. Mary's City there was not a drop. We did have a strong breeze, which caught Rebecca's gown perfectly in the wind (as you can see in the pictures). The day ended with absolutely the BEST dance party. It will be tough to top this one!

Springtime Styled Shoot

On the corner of a busy intersection sits a beautiful white house covered in ivy and surrounded with blooming trees. It is a hidden gem, a throwback to a day when St. Mary's County, Maryland had one lane roads and few traffic lights. I remember this house at the end of its glory days. Sitting proudly at the corner where it has sat for decades, well manicured and freshly painted. Now it sits vacantly, overgrown and waiting for a developer to tragically tear it down to nothing.

For years I have been watching this home become vacant, overgrown and now for sale. I have always admired it, and the magnificent trees that grow around it, standing tall and unappreciated. I have a soft spot for old homes, I imagine the happiness that happened inside of them for years, the tragedies it has witnessed and how it still stands as a reminder of a time gone by. Everytime I see a home go the way of bulldozer, or an old farm covered with ticky tacky new homes I feel a loss, a pain, like a family member has died. My home, that I have loved, is changing so rapidly, and not always for the better. These feelings are a separate blog post though. (We just need to reuse and repurpose these old beautiful homes- okay okay I am getting off my soapbox now). 

I want to focus on this blog post on the beauty that surronds this pretty home, and my beautiful friend, Christina and my new partners in crime, Lindsay from Lulu Edward Photography  and Blaize of Blaize Bailey Photography. We had the best time working together (#communityovercompetition) and creating something beautiful together (in less than 24 hours I might add). Christina and her son were perfect models too! No need for direction, they felt as ease in front of the camera and became one with their beautiful surroundings. 

By the way, Christina is such an Earth mother that her and our friend Katy have recently opened up a natural parenting store in Leonardtown, Maryland.

Check out Marigold Baby!

I had to grab a few of Lindsay and her cute little guy 

I had to grab a few of Lindsay and her cute little guy 

Great Cloth Diaper Change 2015 + Giveaway

The Great Cloth Diaper Change is here again and I am here once again spreading the gospel of the cloth diaper. We just love our cloth diapers, they are totally adorable, no trash bags full of dirty diapers to guiltily haul to the landfill and you aren't shelling out loads of cash every few weeks for packs of diapers. Our favorites are the Bum Genius 4.0, they fit our little guy perfectly and there are so many fun colors and patterns. 

Last year, I didn't have my own little one to diaper for this event, this year I do, but I cannot attend. That doesn't mean you shouldn't though! Here is an incentive to bring your little one, and their cutest fluff to the change, I am giving away a Mini Family Session (1 Hour Session, at the location of choice)! Must be present to win/redeem but to enter all you have to do is enter below. 


The Great Cloth Diaper Change will be setting world records on April 18th. 

Click Here for more information about the Southern Maryland Great Cloth Diaper Change 

Click Here for more information about the Great Cloth Diaper Change 

Need to pickup a diaper?

Visit Marigold in Leonardtown, Maryland 

Click Here to Visit their Website

You can't see it, but he is sporting a really cute green Bum Genius 4.0 diaper with his St. Patrick's day t-shirt

You can't see it, but he is sporting a really cute green Bum Genius 4.0 diaper with his St. Patrick's day t-shirt

The before from the 2014 Great Cloth Diaper Change 

The before from the 2014 Great Cloth Diaper Change 

Focusing on Local Small Business: Marigold in Leonardtown, MD

Recently some dear friends of mine opened up a natural parenting store, Marigold,  in the bright and cheerful space in the sunroom of their house. They have thoughtfully curated a beautiful collection of items to support mother and child. I recently picked up a few LifeFactory sippy cups,  planet wise diaper bag  and a few other cloth diapering essentials. The owners, Katy and Christina, are friendly, helpful and always willing to offer assistance. 

The Marigold Babies, Katy's little boy, Jude, and Christina's little boy, Whitman. 

The Marigold Babies, Katy's little boy, Jude, and Christina's little boy, Whitman. 

Everytime I walk in the store I find something new I just have to pick up. Today, on their opening day, it was the adorable teething necklaces. I think I might have to send a text message to the ladies right now and hope that the one I want is still there.

Currently to visit the store it is by appointment only, but their store is open 24/7 online with fast and efficient shipping. 

Click Here to Visit Marigold's Website. 

My little one, Peter, testing out the product

My little one, Peter, testing out the product

Christie + Scott's Solomon's Island Engagement

I have to admit, this is one of my favorite engagement sessions (though they really are ALL my favorites). I am a little biased towards engagement sessions because they really are so much fun to photograph. I love photographing the love, the playfulness and the passion between two people. It is also a great way for me to get to know a couple before their big day. I feel like it is a trial run for us. They get to know me, they are able to relax in front of me and my camera. We have already joked, and know each other a bit. They have brought their ideas to me, and we have tweaked it to make it their own and special. 

This particular engagement session the bride, Christie, was hoping, praying and doing whatever she could to will the weather into cooperating for their photographs. Whatever she did, it worked, because not only was it a gorgeous day for February, it was unusually pleasant temperature wise as well. The cherry on top of all this? A phenomenal sunset over the Patuxent River! Does help that this couple is also crazy gorgeous. 

Ruby + Vermont in February

This past weekend we trekked up to Vermont to meet my newest little niece and celebrate my nephew's 15th birthday. Our journey was long but it was worth it to meet the sweet newborn, Ruby. Unfortunately, because of the weather, we were unable to celebrate my nephew, Jack's, birthday. We had to hit the road right away Saturday morning to avoid the incoming New England blizzard. Before we left, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery outside my sister's front door (if you are looking for a New England get away consider Lost Nation Bed & Breakfast) and soak up Ruby and her cuteness. 

An Open Letter to 2014

Dear 2014, 

What can I say about you 2014? You were an absolutely amazing year. You brought me my son, and we couldn't be happier. You didn't stop there though, you made my business grow, new friends, you gave me confidence in my work and in myself, strength that I had no idea I had and lessons about myself I can really value. I can say that you are one of my best years yet (except when I was 5 years old, 5 years old was the best). 

2015 is going to be a whole new adventure and I can tell you that I really couldn't face 2015 without your help and building me up to it. I am having booked months in 2015 and I will have a toddler in 2015. These two things put me in awe. I can't believe I will be the mother to a toddler (sometimes I can't believe I am actually a mother, but that is a whole different blog post, hehe) and I can hardly believe how quickly this little business is growing. I have so many people to thank that have helped me along the way. 

First, I must thank my husband. The man who bought  the camera for me and said "go for it". Without his strength, calmness and stability I don't know how I could have kept my sanity over the past few months (few years). You have been my rock. I don't think you understand how much you have taught me about myself and continue to do on a daily basis. You have brought out the best in me. You always encourage me, push me to be my best and prop me up when I am feeling down. You are my cheerleader and I hope I can always be yours. You are not only my love, but my partner and friend. Thank you for all the laughter and smiles this year.

To my son, Peter. You are only 6 months old but in those 6 months you have taught me so much about love and about what it truly means to be happy. Thank you. 

My parents. my mother and father. They are always in my corner, and never letting me fall. Encouraging me every step of the way. Helping me realize my full potential and always reminding me that the "world is my oyster" (copyright Carolyn Egeli).

I have to thank my mom for being the dreamer and giver she has always been. For being an inspiration as a successful female artist. The one woman support for her kids and always a source of constant advice (whether we want it or not). She loves her children to the ends of the earth, and now that I am a mother, I GET IT. Thank you for everything. I hope you always know how much you are appreciated by your children.

To my father, thank you for always being my friend and emotional support. For giving me my first camera (and that awesome cd player in my first car, and that first car) having those afternoon lunches with me, listening to me vent/complain/ramble/dream about what I want to do, what is bothering me and calmly offering me sound advice and support (and the occasional homemade cheesecake when things get really desperate). 

To my brother and sister. You guys suck. Just kidding. I love you lots. You are awesome. Seriously, I have the most kick ass siblings in the world. You are both so incredibly talented and have so many gifts they are just oozing out of your pores (I am honestly very jelly) I have always looked up to you both, and I still do now. You are my best friends. 

My friends, you know who you are! Thank you for being my advertising, my cheerleaders, my shoulders to cry on, my sounding boards and everything in between. How did I get so lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life? 

Can I dedicate a little part of this to my dog, 2014? Lola the Cocker Spaniel- you patient, stinky little dog. I love you. Even though there is a new baby in the house, I have not forgotten you. You have been my best friend for so long and you sat in bed with me everyday of that miserable pregnancy and watched Netflix with me until you passed out (which was really in 5 minutes of turning on Netflix but thats okay).  Too bad you can't read this. If you did you might give me a hug. Might. 

So in conclusion 2014. You were amazing, thanks for everything. 



Maddox Family at St. Mary's City

Another long over due blog post! What can I say? I have completely fallen behind with the holidays. One of my News Year's Resolutions- blog often and blog well! Moving on now..

Lets talk about the Maddox family! Oh my how I love them. I ALWAYS love working with St. Mary's College alums, they have the warmest, fuzziest feelings about their school. Their hearts continue to return to the school on the river, where many of them met the love of their life. 

The Maddox family is one such couple. With their adorable little blonde haired girl (we practiced ballet positions together- too cute), and another little one on the way we enjoyed the fall day and strolled around Historic St. Mary's City. We played in the leaves, we looked out over the water and jumped around the frames that "frame the past". I hope I get to meet the newest addition when that little one makes their grand entrance into this world!

Maddox Family Nov 2014-003.jpg

Christopher + Jennifer's St. Mary's City Wedding

The freezing rain may have been coming down by the bucket full outside of the St. Mary's City Statehouse, but the inside was nice and cozy and filled with love and family. The fires were crackling and the bridesmaids wore red gowns and held flowers that reflected the fall season. The bride, Jennifer, sat by the fire talking with her bridesmaids and once in awhile looking out the window with the rest of them to see who was arriving next. It was so warm and inviting in the upstairs of that Statehouse and that was just the beginning of the day. From there I witnessed the ceremony downstairs with a reception that moved on to the Solomon's Island's Holiday Inn were the wedding party and guests danced (or rode on each other's shoulders) the rest of the eve of Thanksgiving away. 

This was my last wedding of 2014 and only my second of the year. I am looking forward to meeting more brides in 2015 and capturing those precious moments. Booking now for 2015! 

May Family at Greenwell State Park

I am little behind (a lot behind) in posting this adorable family to the blog. Recently returning locals, the May family, have returned back to the land of crab cakes and football and couldn't be happier.


This cute little family braved a chilly November day (with colds and bronchitis) to capture their Christmas card worthy photos. We played in the leaves, visited some horses and wrapped it all up with a walk by the water. Between that we talked about San Antonio and all the yummy food (that is where the couple first met) and how much they missed Maryland. Looking forward to spending more time with this family. 


Loving My 5 Month Old

Every time we pass a monthly milestone I can't believe how quickly the time is flying by. It seems like just yesterday I was waiting for him to come (2 weeks late), and today he is laughing, snuggling, sitting up and nearly crawling. I know everyone says this, but I never have known a love like this. Looking down at him, smiling up at me, I am completely overwhelmed with love. He is growing into such a happy little boy with lots of personality. He is a healthy, sweet and loving child. A mother couldn't ask for more! 

Family Session on the Shores of Tall Timbers

This week has been a whirlwind! I am so grateful for it though. Trips to Vermont, engagement sessions, family sessions and Traditions of Loveville styled shoot. I couldn't be happier to be so busy. Not to mention the light this week has been GORGEOUS (and filled with lots of fun boats)!

This Tuesday I spent the evening with the Craig family at Tall Timber's Marina. This sweet couple was in the same birthing class as my husband and I back in February and I am so glad I was able to finally see their pretty little girl, Baylee.