Bad Blogger

Well, her eI am writing a blog post. It seems that I haven't done so since January of this year. Wows, that is a long time! I am a real slacker when it comes to blogging my weddings, or sessions, or even just keeping everyone up to date on the goings on of Laura Elizabeth Photography, aka, me. I am just a poor writer, that has nothing all that exciting to write about coupled with the fact that I have just had my hands full with, ya know, life! I promise (pinky promise) I will try to be better at this. 

Here is the low down on how my life has been as of late. Nick, Peter and I (along with a cat and dog) moved back into our own home again at the beginning of July. We have been out of this house since January of 2014. Peter had never known this house at home, and this is the third place he has lived in his short little 2 year lifespan. Before we moved back in, we were living with my mom at her beautiful farm in Valley Lee. We were supposed to be there until our renters left at the end of June, but as always, life happens, and my mom sold her farm and moved up to Vermont 3 months before we could move back into our house. What do we do? We move in with my Dad! Within a week of living with my Dad, Peter broke his leg (DON'T GO DOWN SLIDES WITH YOUR KID ON YOUR LAP!) and we had a month of solid rain. Great start, right? Things got better, I promise! We enjoyed the extra time we got to spend with my Dad and step mom and Peter became very attached to seeing his Pop Pop and Mom Mom everyday. After 5 weeks in a cast and splint he was free, and about 2 weeks after that he was walking again, almost with no limp. 

                                                                         So after all this excitement, we are home! Doing repairs, gardening and settling in as best we can. We still have boxes stacked in my office, but it is mostly things we don't want to put away or mess with until we get around to painting, which I hope to do when wedding season settles down a bit/no one is sick. 

I am happy to be back. and finally have my own space to work in. I hope to get more into a routine and set some goals for myself and my business to further your client experience. Looking forward to all the adventures and fun ahead!


By the way, Lindsay from Lulu Edward Photography snapped all of these for me. Isn't she awesome?