Christopher + Jennifer's St. Mary's City Wedding

The freezing rain may have been coming down by the bucket full outside of the St. Mary's City Statehouse, but the inside was nice and cozy and filled with love and family. The fires were crackling and the bridesmaids wore red gowns and held flowers that reflected the fall season. The bride, Jennifer, sat by the fire talking with her bridesmaids and once in awhile looking out the window with the rest of them to see who was arriving next. It was so warm and inviting in the upstairs of that Statehouse and that was just the beginning of the day. From there I witnessed the ceremony downstairs with a reception that moved on to the Solomon's Island's Holiday Inn were the wedding party and guests danced (or rode on each other's shoulders) the rest of the eve of Thanksgiving away. 

This was my last wedding of 2014 and only my second of the year. I am looking forward to meeting more brides in 2015 and capturing those precious moments. Booking now for 2015!