Maddox Family at St. Mary's City

Another long over due blog post! What can I say? I have completely fallen behind with the holidays. One of my News Year's Resolutions- blog often and blog well! Moving on now..

Lets talk about the Maddox family! Oh my how I love them. I ALWAYS love working with St. Mary's College alums, they have the warmest, fuzziest feelings about their school. Their hearts continue to return to the school on the river, where many of them met the love of their life. 

The Maddox family is one such couple. With their adorable little blonde haired girl (we practiced ballet positions together- too cute), and another little one on the way we enjoyed the fall day and strolled around Historic St. Mary's City. We played in the leaves, we looked out over the water and jumped around the frames that "frame the past". I hope I get to meet the newest addition when that little one makes their grand entrance into this world!

Maddox Family Nov 2014-003.jpg