Hello 2019!

It has almost been 3 years since my last blog entry, and I must say I wouldn’t hold my breath that another blog entry will come again for another 3 years. I have a moment to sit and gather my thoughts, so here I am, sitting and attempting to gather my thoughts though my brain is a scrambled mess from the day. I have unanswered emails, at least 10 new voicemails (some may be my mom) on my phone and several text messages that I need to reply to. Trying to keep it all in line, and stay on top of things while making sure I give my family enough of me is exhausting. I am thankful to the people who work with me on their special days that they are some of the kindest and most understanding folks out there. They understand that family is #1 and I am never ignoring you. I am doing my best to give you my best and sometimes that takes time.

During these off months I do not spend much time holding a camera. My children do not get photographed as much and as a family we are certainly not photographed together. I am going to try to change that this year. Max just turned 1 and her first month of her 2nd year has already flown by, Peter will be 5 this year and off to Kindergarten in the fall. I am going to try to resolve to document our lives more throughly because even the photographer and their family deserves a good picture.

Here is from today’s snow day. Peter playing with his preschool friend and her little sister in our neighbors backyard.