Sneak Peak: Vanucci Family on the Farm

This adorable family I have the pleasure of calling family myself. We have had the worst luck trying to schedule their session over the past few weeks. There have been cars breaking down, storms, dreadfuly hot days but we finally got a day that worked (and what a day it was). It was a bright sunny morning on my farm, and you could feel the summer was wrapping itself up. This would be one of the last bright sunny hot days of the year before we begin to head into fall. Bentley, Ashley and Nicolas little boy, was nothing but smiles as we walked around the farm and down the lane to take a few shots, and to the waterside and blanket to have a bit of tummy time with his parents. 

In the past, I haven't done a lot of family sessions, or baby sessions, but I am beginning to REALLY enjoy it. I hope to see more babies and their families in the future.