Dear Spring, Goodbye Winter

As I sit inside, all cozy from a nice romp through the fields, and woods of my mother's farm this morning I am reminded at how lucky I am to live surrounded by so much beauty. Though, I am not the biggest fan of the snow/winter, one cannot help but appreciate it's beautiful. How slowly, and gracefully the snow can fall, and how perfect and clean everything looks after it is done. 

March 4 2014 Snow-066.jpg

March 4 2014 Snow-070.jpg
March 4 2014 Snow-083.jpg
March 4 2014 Snow-092.jpg
March 4 2014 Snow-155.jpg

This morning I was able to enjoy a walk around the farm with one of my closest friends, and her little brother. It is beautiful, sunny and snow covering everything. I played with a new lens I got for Christmas, and Diana and her brother played with their own cameras. It was good to get out of the house because at a little over 6 months pregnant, I need to get up and move around a bit. I have also been feeling like I have been in a creative hibernation of sorts, and have barely touched my camera since becoming pregnant. I have been too sick, or too exhausted to do much of anything. I am grateful to have some of my energy back,  along with not feeling sick anymore. I am looking forward to my first wedding of the season in April, and the first time my husband and I will be shooting together. I think it will make the experience so much fun, and I will be able to provide the bride with more photos to enjoy from different perspectives of the day. 

winter walk march 2014-019.jpg
winter walk march 2014-048.jpg
winter walk march 2014-048.jpg
winter walk march 2014-060.jpg
winter walk march 2014-010.jpg
winter walk march 2014-033.jpg

My little boy, Peter,  in my belly, is active as well now. He tumbles and thuds up against the sides of my belly and I enjoy every moment of it. I love being reassured he is doing well, and is healthy in there. Nick and I are so anxious to meet him this summer, the days couldn't go by fast enough sometimes. I am though, appreciating, the last few months we have just us together. Cuddling by the fire with Lola and Penelope, watching our favorite B horror movies, and enjoying spur of the moment trips to DC or Annapolis. These moments along have been precious, and I have been cherishing them.