Peter at 16 Weeks + Little Foot Boutique

Peter is fast approaching 4 months old and time is really flying by. This week he is learning to squeal with delight (or frustration) all day long and he is getting very close to being able to sit up on in his own. He is always go go go, I can't imagine what life will be like when he can move around on his own (terrified mommy right here). Though I am a little bit nervous about how life will be like when he is mobile, I am still filled with excitement about all his accomplishments. Right now, I am enjoying watching Nick and Peter (aka Mini Nick) talk to each other through blowing bubbles and other mouth noises.  The cuteness is on overload. 

In order to celebrate Peter being 16 weeks old today. Like I said, celebrate his accomplishments no matter how minor they are (or mommy's accomplishment) I photographed him in these super cute Little Foot Boutique leggings. For Peter, who is almost 4 months old, I ordered a size 6-12 months old since Peter is a good sized baby and he also wears cloth diapers (LOVE his little fluffy BumGenius 4.0 tush). They are super soft and very lightweight, sort of wish he had them during the summer months. I love that they go both ways for a little boy, and a little girl because when he grows out of them they most likely will move on to his little cousin Ruby who is due in December. I can totally see them with a cute girly top and flats. 

Little Foot Boutique not only offers leggings for all your boys and girls but they also offer home decor, teepees and adult apparel. 


Gray Tribal Leggings from Little Foot Boutique 

Long Sleeve Biggie Baby from Passive Juice Motel 

Baby Moccasins from LittleOnesApparel 

Baby Sunglasses from Osh Kosh B'gosh

Peter and his newest pal, Marvin Moose

Peter and his newest pal, Marvin Moose

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