"Can you believe it is already October?"

The title of this blog is the phrase I have been saying all year, just replace October with whatever month we happen to be in. Seriously, this year has REALLY flown by. I started the year off feeling sick and pregnant and I will be finishing the year off with a 6 month old little boy. What a difference 12 months makes.

Peter & Nick in Georgetown people watching

Peter & Nick in Georgetown people watching

It might be a little early for reflections on 2014 but for me it has been a wonderful year, but 2015 looks like it will be a pretty fabulous one too especially for this little venture of mine. So far 2015 will be my busiest wedding season yet and I couldn't be more thrilled or more thankful to everyone who is and has been supporting me. I really couldn't do it without the love and support of my friends and family. *cue Oscar speech music* But really, word of month is the BEST sort of advertisement and I don't get to thank you all enough so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. 

As for the rest of 2014, you amazing year, we will be busy. The first weekend of November Peter and I are flying up to Vermont to see my family and we will be celebrating my sister's little girl who will be arriving in December. At the beginning of December we fly to Texas so Peter can meet all of us Texas family that have been following us through Facebook/Instagram. After that, we just wait for little Ruby to arrive so I can rush back up to Vermont and hold my newest niece. 2014, you are going to finish wonderfully, I couldn't be happier. 

PS- Sorry reader for my spelling/grammatical errors which I am sure there are many. I am VERY tired.